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the winds of change

We’ve learned so much in the past 10 years of owning and operating new|era social marketing, the most important being: We don’t just ‘do marketing.’ 

We build solid strategies that strengthen and protect your brand and your people.

It’s time for our own name and brand identity to better represent who we are and what we do.

introducing copper bottom creative co.

We started new|era in Colorado and now we’re lucky enough to call Michigan home.

Much of our creative inspiration comes from the beautiful lakes we’re surrounded by.

And of course lakes = boats.

‘Copper-bottomed’ originally described ships that were fitted with copper plating on the underside of their hulls to defend their beautiful wooden planking.

The method proved to be successful in protecting ships and their crews, and in increasing speed, maneuverability, and strength.

Before long, ‘copper-bottomed’ began to be used figuratively to refer to anything or anyone that was certain and trustworthy.

We’re so excited to introduce you to…Copper Bottom Creative Co.

We’re here to coat your brand in a protective layer of beauty and strength so you can go full steam ahead.

our story

Welcome, friend. We’re happy you found us.

We’re the Petrovich family—John, Emily, Eli, and Archie.

In November 2021, we had to let our Bernese Mountain Dog, Sulley, go.

Sulley joined our family only a few months after we started our company, and because we worked from home, the three of us were always together. We credit him with inspiring and pushing us to achieve a work/life balance. He became the handsome star of our brand and was the very best office manager.

After almost 11 years of adventuring together, we’ll carry him in our hearts always—especially with every walk in the woods.

Together with our strategic partners, you’ll get a team of advertising, marketing, branding, PR, and design enthusiasts who work closely with your organization to help you take advantage of some of the most efficient and effective marketing tools available.

Together, we’ll tackle the big stuff like…

◓ Developing and polishing your brand identity
◓ Prioritizing and protecting your reputation
◓ Finding and strengthening your voice
… and much more.

We hope you’ll find our solutions to be realistic and strategic, tailored to your brand and budget — and our first consultation is always free. We look forward to connecting with you!

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